Rock Cave IGA

Junction of Rt. 4 and Rt. 20
Rock Cave, WV 26234
(304) 924-5296

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During the time of declining sales in similar retail businesses, Rock Cave IGA has been steadily growing into a multi-million dollar business. Despite many setbacks, including a devastating fire and armed robbery, the owners and employees have looked steadfastly to the future, ever planning on ways to expand the existing business and to satisfy their customers. Realizing that because of their location and size, some goals were unattainable, and plans focused on the customer, trying to satisfy their needs. This goal has always been the basis for virtually every move made in improving the business. When a customer survey showed a major concern was the inability to make purchases on Sunday, the decision was made to open for five hours. This satisfied the customers and also enabled employees, who wished, to attend church in the morning or evening.